Saturday, 18 July 2015


My dear Daughter-in-law texted me one evening last week.
"Ha ha!", I replied, " We do know how to have a nice time, don't we?"
We were sitting in our Holiday Inn Extra bedroom, just off the Norwich Ring Road, next door to Asda and with a view of the decaying roof of the local ice rink, through a window that could not be opened...
...watching a TV that chopped people's heads in half...
...after dining nearby.
We were in Norfolk on business, visiting the Norfolk Showground Antiques Fair and, of course, Daughter-in-law knew we would be having a nice time, in our own sweet way.
Our first stop down the A1 had been Burghley House where we received a much kinder reception than former staff.
And, hooray, photography was allowed so...
..we joined the other worshippers of beautiful things.
Then onwards and Eastwards to the village of Castle Acre, with its ruined Priory
and the eponymous Norman Castle.
 The Parish Church of St James the Great
We enjoyed exploring the 15th century church with its rare painted pulpit.

A skull peeps out from the upper floor of the sacristy, once used as a charnel house.
Next day we got down to the serious stuff
Hev yew got antiques, boy?

Cow to Customer? Farmyard flavours, perhaps. Muck 'n' Mint?
We stayed just two nights, finding plenty of new stock at the antiques fair - and we also found time to have a very nice time, Norfolk-style... Oxburgh Hall.

And, best of all, up on the North Norfolk coast
at Blakeney.
I was pleased with my close-up of wood pigeons until Mr N spotted avocets

and egrets!


Light fades over the salt marshes and our fun is over - until next time.


  1. Quite some view you achieved over Oxburgh Halls wonderful pan-tiled roof down to that colourful parterre - your DiL was right you did have a nice time away.

    1. Mr N always groans about the flatness of Norfolk but somehow it always out-shines his pessimism with its beautiful buildings and huge skies. Apart from the awful Norwich ring road, of course.

  2. Looks so lovely, except the Holiday Inn bit. We went to Norfolk recently, to the Broads. Would love to find time to explore further afield in Norfolk.

    1. It's well worth it - the Norwich Castle Museum is great, not to mention the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts at the university.

  3. What a fabulous trip - you certainly crammed some 'stuff' in. Some of these chain hotels are dreadful; but functional! And I confess to having a soft spot for a quarter pounder with cheese and a banana shake.

    1. We don't really mind the chain hotels for a brief stay - a least they are spotless and reliable. And we have had some disappointments at posher places.

  4. A great story attached to brilliant photos.....You'd have a ball at the vide greniers I've been attending much interesting "stuff". Jx

    1. Yes, I know we would. Maybe, one day - we just don't seem to have time for proper long holidays. Soon it will be too late!

  5. Wonderful photos, aren't they terrible those 'Travel lodge' places, we occasionally stay a night in one on a long journey, and the views are always terrible. Many years ago my ex-husband used to excavate at Castle Acre Priory over the summer months so it was lovely to see it once more.

    1. How interesting! The whole village is very historic and picturesque. It is thought to date back to Roman times as it is the only village actually on Peddars Way, a Roman road, where it crosses the River Nar.

  6. Lovely trip, nilly, except for the Holiday Inn experience. I've just returned from Norwich myself but this time I 'let the train take strain'. Managed a quick visit to Castle Museum to see the teapots again and a lovely walk with friends at Worstead. These two as well as catching up with family and taking the bus to Southwold. Here is my take on Castle Acre which I'll be sure to visit again I'm sure.

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