Saturday, 9 November 2013


It was an unusually quiet day today - good! I could tidy our bedroom, sort out some bits for Oxfam AND start pricing and packing for our next fair.

Here we go - lots of stuff to be bagged up!

Then I found a pile of these...

...and I downed duster - I was lost, in another world.

Here's Augustus John's daughter, artist Gwyneth Johnstone - inspirational...

...and here is wonderful  Peggy Angus, read about her here.

Could I have been creative like these women if I hadn't been so weak and feeble, so easily distracted and - inferior? Do any of you share my fatal addiction to magazines?



  1. It's so easy to get sidetracked and what makes you think you're not creative !

  2. you're not inferior, you just include other people and ideas rather than being focused on one goal.

    Magazines don't do it for me; I'd rather not see the censored/carefully selected sections of people's homes- I most love the nitty gritty of how people live, a bit like seeing the real downtown and not the tourist spots!

  3. Interestingly, I used to be quite addicted to magazines, Nilly. But now I'm not bothered by them at all. I understand why you can get sidetracked but refute your 'inferior' tag. (I don't admire, I admire!)

  4. I was lucky enough to 'inherit' a huge pile of The World of Interiors Magazines a few years ago nilly. It took me years to read through them, it is an inspirational magazine. I had to dispose of them eventually so I gave them to a friend whose daughter teaches textiles. You are creative nilly x

  5. Oh Nilly what a lovely post. A little insight to your world. We could all be more creative with less work and chores to do, or perhaps if we just had different standards of housekeep like Peggy or staff to do the work for us like Vanessa Bell. But ah me we must be happy with our lot and break off from chores when creativity captures our imagination in what ever form.

    Jean x

  6. Fatal indeed! Any distraction from housework is welcome here...
    Like you, tidying up reveals things that distract you from the job in hand. No wonder I can never "bottom" our house and get the whole lot looking immaculate.
    Julie x

  7. Lovely post again. So, where is the next fair? And is that Persephone Book going in the sale?? Like Annie I used to like magazines but I bought one last week when I was in Devon and now I know I'm not bothered about them. I left it at the cottage and decided I would rather read a book. However, that's not to say that I wouldn't find a forgotten pile of them of greater interest than the clearing out job in hand.

  8. I share your addiction. I love nothing better than to go sit at Barnes and Noble with a cup of coffee and a big stack of their magazines. Amazing that we can do that.......just take a day and read them all and not buy them. I do love the British ones like British Country Living, but they are very expensive here.
    You are very your photography, your wardrobe, even the glimpse of your garden you are very much an artist!

  9. ~ A treat for us all to have a mooch with you here, Nilly! I did have the addiction before blogging came along and now I find I lose my self on here instead...Nilly you are most certainly NOT inferior, any thing but...I find you so gifted and extremity witty....Wishing you more days of losing your self in a good read and a pot of tea...Hugs Maria x

  10. They're so smooth and glossy, aren't they? I like rubbing my face on them.

  11. I am addicted too! I have a huge pile of these in our hallway ... they often make me down tools and waste precious time!