Sunday, 31 March 2013


Here's a curious thing we found at Ripley church, near Harrogate, this weekend. The sign says it's the base of a medieval Weeping Cross, the indentations being just large enough fit the knees into whilst praying. Others suggest that the stone once stood higher and that they are for the bowed heads of those begging for forgiveness.

"Kneel there and look penitent!" shouted Mr N.
Hope you are enjoying the Easter sunshine too.



  1. Hmmmn - Mr N has a twin brother in Mr EM!

    We also had a brilliant sunny Easter Day down here in Wiltshire. Though a chilly wind in the morning, we managed to spend three hours at a Giant Flea market in Somerset. Lots of wonderful 'finds'.

    Then home to delicious roast beef as no lamb at all available in any supermarkets or butchers round here yesterday.

  2. alas, my much belated task yesterday was curtains for the bedroom and covering an HAD to be done because I'd been putting it off for very many weeks and so, with my inner martyr burning brightly, I sat and sewed and hammered (and cursed) and then felt better because it was done AT LAST, but by the time I got up to Bruce and enjoy the sunshine it had all but disappeared!

  3. ~ ooh love Harrogate did you visit? I wonder....Nilly! How interesting, I wonder how many have repented here! Sun shined for us too, Nilly, but ever so cold .....Needed those thermals on! Easter blessings to you. Love Maria x

  4. What a cool and interesting thing to come across. Whether for knees or head it doesn't look much fun.

  5. Very interesting Nilly, I might have been able to get kneel down, but probably wouldn't have been able to get up again with my dodgy knees! x

  6. I wonder what tales of woe or terrible confessions this stone has heard ...

  7. It looks so interesting, doesn't it? But definitely for the very penitent, not just the slightly penitent. Glad to see you didn't oblige the Mr. What a thing to say!