Sunday, 4 March 2012

Gee Up! Trotting Up to Middleham.


Many large antiques events and car boot sales are held at UK racecourses and the thrill of the chase is an expression which can apply to both horse racing and antiques-hunting. Last weekend, in a beautiful and little known corner of the country, a regular monthly event was held - the antiques fair at the Middleham Key Centre. The small village of Middleham has 15 training establishments, which probably makes it the racehorse capital of  North Yorkshire.

                     Hello, which way to the antiques Fair, please?

                                                      Is it this way?

                                                      Or is it that way?

Middleham has so many attractions - horses, history, antiques...

...AND a medieval castle to explore!

There may be treasure here - remember, the Middleham Jewel was discovered in the castle grounds by a metal detectorist in 1985 and sold for £2.5 million to the Yorkshire Museum.



  1. Wow! the Middleham Jewel......
    Now that would be a score!

    I love the little peaks of you out and about.
    Hope you found some treasures.

    1. Yes - Wow! We have seen the actual jewel in our local museum in York. Sadly there were not many treasures for us that day.

  2. What a beautiful place and I hope you found some lovely treasures.
    Jo xx

    1. We didn't have much luck that day, but enjoyed exploring the area which made the trip very worthwhile.

  3. unfortunately this fresh frosty morning Bruce the Horse thought he was a racehorse in training, it was only his middle-aged spread that caused him to run out of puff! I'll send him up to Yorkshire asap- he might not be able to lead the way to the antique fair but he could DEFINITELY lead the way to the cake shop!!

    1. Though Middleham is buzzing (or whinnying) with life from dawn to dusk it is, alas, too small to have a cake shop. Perhaps Bruce would be tempted gallop 5 miles on to High Jervaulx Farm where there is an ice cream parlour offering 30 different flavours?