Sunday, 25 March 2012

Human nature

                                               Mr N's "workspace"

Today I tried to explain (again!) to Mr N that it is a natural and healthy human instinct to create order out of chaos. "Just think", I cajoled, "how pleasing pattern, tidiness and neat arrangements are to the eye."

                              Remember the patchwork quilts at Claverton Manor?

    And those manicured gardens at Hanbury Hall ?


"Indeed - I do admire an uncluttered space!" said Mr N as he turned and stared, pointedly, at my own desk.




  1. HELLO! I have just popped over (rather belatedly!) to say thank you for your comment re the quilt top in Claverton. How funny that we should have both stood and stared at it within a day of each other. I find you have just done this lovely post along similar lines to the one I have in my head for my next one!

  2. Thank you for looking at my blog - visiting Claverton has been an almost lifelong ambition of mine and did not disappoint! It's an amazing place for a lover of textiles and folk art.