Tuesday, 6 December 2011

               We rarely start our working days in daylight at the moment.

Winter makes life bleak for antiques-hunters. Light is in such short supply when the mornings start at 4 am...and it's so cold out there on airfields and showgrounds and racecourses. We feel as if we are caught in an endless loop of gloomy Scandinavian thriller films.

Even when the sun creeps up above the horizon at Lincoln Showground the landscape is full of Nordic pine!

                                                Things brighten up for a while.

    Boots, fur coats and hats become essential tools of the trade in Winter.

   Just a few days later the chilling episode is repeated at Newark Showground.

Daylight comes,briefly...

                                       ...but in no time at all,

    we head for home again, to curl up in a warm glow & count our treasures.



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  1. Thank you for reminding me how chilly & dark these places are in Winter. I didn't have a stall at Newark last week as it just wasn't tempting! Lizzie