Wednesday, 30 November 2011

     Our family loves Art.

I found a long lost folder under a bed the other day and blew the dust off some memories. It all started at school...

"My Friend Linda"

...then became decidedly surreal during college days

This one has a title:
"Christmas Fairy"


Art seems to be in our genes - J J's painting of hanging hams is a bit surreal too.

His portraits are full of nervous energy.


His brother's work is more abstract.

1999 was a particularly creative year for J W (see below!)


And we'll never forget that dear old H loved the sea...

... because he painted it constantly.


I have searched our genealogy for other creative family members, but in vain - perhaps we mutated! The nearest link to art and antiques that I can find is my distant cousin, Professor Gus Shurvell, a chemist and a specialist in Fine Art conservation.

At least he shares my taste for the amusing and absurd, if not the urge to wield a paint brush!


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  1. Well I love your friend Linda! The picture that is. Takes me back to sixth form days. Barbara