Thursday, 1 September 2011

We are not intrepid and rarely seek thrills.
We do not venture much outside the bounds of dear old Blighty these days, though foreign climes are not unknown to us.

We are intrigued by all things foreign, exotic and mysterious - we are zenophiles.
As well as the rich gene-soup of our past we now have international family amongst our nearest and very dearest.


As some may know, we delight in and collect the trinkets and treasures which wash up on England's shores from unknown countries, far and wide - worthless bric-a-brac to some, but pleasing to our eyes.


This evening we are busily adding some more intriguing foreign finds to our nillyram listings on eBay and hope that you will have a look.




  1. Hello:
    Eclecticism, which we wholeheartedly embrace, is enhanced, as you show here, with treasures which are retrieved from foreign shores. Your collection of boxes and containers is fascinating - each one doubtless with a story to tell.

  2. what a wonderful collection of boxes from all over the world. Love the simplicity of the Shaker box amongst the colourful Scandinavian ones.
    Julie x