Friday, 10 October 2014


We were up before the lark on most mornings over the past week, whizzing up and down the A1, Yorkshire to Cambridgeshire, Yorkshire to Lincolnshire, Yorkshire to Nottinghamshire - non-stop antiquing, joints a-creaking and ageing by the mile.
The weather wasn't always on our side...

...and we'd forgotten our torches - but sometimes the moon lit our way.

Once the sky lightened the hunt began in earnest, the only problem being...

...could we find some old-fashioned antiques in this brave new world?
If they could do it so could we!
It's a great way to make a living...
...though a little exhausting!


  1. Nilly, I keep looking on your ebay page for a lovely primitive painting, like a fool I've missed so many.
    I'm up in York this weekend (just off), I always scan the crowds in the hope of seeing you... one day!


    1. We haven't been into York for a while, just to the Saturday car boot sale on the racecourse (last one next week!) You must try to get there one day, it really is a good one with lots of antiques, vintage & the like. And guess what I found today - two little primitive watercolours. One of a milkmaid, the other of a fishwife. But I can't part with them, I'm afraid.

  2. Nilly I admire you're stamina. I'm not good at getting up early, I hate leaving my bed especially if it's still dark. But i love that feeling at markets when you get there just as it's getting light and you feel as though you've stolen a few hours from somewhere. If you can make a living buying and selling desirable old objets d'art it's the best feeling in the world.


    1. As far as getting up in the early hours is concerned, I'm afraid it goes with the job. You are right though, it is a fun way to earn a living. No pension, though!

  3. I like the metal hares and stags... Were they at Newark?
    It's an addiction this early start, hunt for treasure lark.... I am sure with your eagle eyes you managed to find some old fashioned antiques amongst the decorative stuff.
    Julie x

    1. Yes - they are always at Newark. It's a really good stand with loads of modestly priced things for the garden - or inside. I think they usually sell out quite early and don't bother standing on the second day.

  4. Oh so many beautiful thing´s! Really nice to see this market...
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Thank you! The photos show three fairs - all huge and full of wonderful things.

  5. Dear Nilly,
    that's strange to see the ins and outs of English fairs,
    I luckily when I come there's always the sun shining,
    ahhhh how I'd be there now !!
    Thank you for your visits, make me great pleasure!
    Love Susy x

    1. It's getting colder in England now - it's not so much fun when it snows!