Thursday, 27 December 2012


Sometime in September or October my good friend J and I start planning our Christmas competition: Cleverest Themed Gift. We didn't mean for it to be competitive, but somehow each year hears one or other of us muttering, "YOURS was better this time, dammit!" not quite in the Spirit of Christmas... This year my theme was pretty basic.


J loves gardening and old books...

...fascinating worm poo!

A new box for compost stuff...

...and a Bridgewater bird and worm mug - sorted!


J's idea was this kit to help me on cold, early morning antique-ing trips...

...a lovely candle to warm my hands while I rub them with this luxury hand cream, or perhaps J's expecting power cuts this winter.

Super Scandinavian gloves - fingers free, ready for action!

A miniature hot water bottle, just 4 by 4 inches, can be popped anywhere that needs warming up

What on earth is this? A portable pin cushion for safety pins, just in case my knicker elastic fails?

A bright hair band so that Mr N can find me in the fog?

A handy necklace containing personal details in case I become lost and bewildered?

Oh, brilliant - a bag for treasure-seeking - I can't wait to get started!



  1. I think that is an incredible idea Nilly, how exciting to open your gifts, think it was definitely a draw! Your worm mug was pure genius mind but the strawberry bag brought it back to even stevens! The strawberry looked funky in your hair, a multi purpose item if ever there was one! Happy Christmas - love those mittens!

    1. We didn't mean it to become competitive - just a bit of fun. Which it is, of course.

  2. I don't get Gift Envy but ohhhhhhh that bag!!!

    1. I'm ashamed to say it took me ages to work out what it was. It's great - I love to go to fairs with loads of handy lightweight bags, expecting to fill them all ,unlike Mr N who thinks it's bad luck.

  3. You both deserve the top accolade. I am sure that it is lots of fun, and not just restricted to September or October. During the year I suspect that you are both giving some thought as to what you might do. Do you open them together?

    1. Ah yes - and we have the same fun on birthdays. I think it's because we both love coming up with new ideas.

  4. Shame it wasn't snails - I could have arranged to send some of my chocolate ones! Lovely unusual and distinctive gifts - a lovely idea, Nilly. Happy New Year - looking forward to reading more in 2013. Axxx

  5. Just catching up with you, Nilly...
    Great picture of your wee grandchild and the Christmas turkey! Awwww.
    I wanted to wish you and all you hold dearest a 'happy new year'~ And thank you for your blogging friend ship....Lets hope 2013 is a kind year for us all!
    Love Maria x