Monday, 8 August 2011


Which may be why we were enchanted by a little film we came across today
called Live Before You Die . Click on the link to watch it. It is a dreamy, hypnotic, romantic tale, filmed in 1995 but already looking like the very distant past, about an alternative way of living - so seductive to free-spirits like us. But, alas, we have always been free-spirits with feet of clay and therefore always only a little bit "alternative".
Today we hurried through York, about our business, and noticed some brave souls, working hard in their own, different ways.

As we meandered, purposefully of course, we were approached by a radio interviewer with a microphone,
"Do you have a degree and if so has it helped you to have a successful career and life?"
One has and one hasn't.
The degree and the lack of one have made no difference to us - we have followed
the alternative way, after all.


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