Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Antiques Hunting

The bi-monthly LINCOLN antiques fair came round again on Sunday - HOORAY !                                         

Sometimes these huge events can seem a little daunting and unpromising...

...we call this Post-Apocalypse Chic. It's not our style.

The end of a tiring day

"What's a knick-knack?"
"Something to put on a what-not"
Don't blame us - this is a genuine antique Laurel & Hardy joke - honest!

Time's up again - just look at what we found, hidden amongst the filing cabinets.


                                 FOLK ART FLOATS OUR BOAT!

Its charm lies in how close to the object the mind that imagined it and the hand that made it seem to be, however old it is - and how easy it is to enter the artist's world.                                

A naive miniature diorama.

                                             A grumpy woolwork cat on a cushion.

A rather bonkers Norwegian wooden pot

An intricate Victorian sampler from Norfolk.

A sweet and serene spaniel in a decorative primitive frame.

A pugnacious pooch, carved in wood.

A romantic embroidery from the 1970s.

A darling girl with...a boiled egg!

A colourful Norwegian painted board.

A stalwart pair of be-smocked farmers from Lincolnshire.


Some of our antique folk art for sale on ebay this week.



  1. Oh my! What wonderful finds. Our dear country simply isn't old enough to offer up such ancient and lovely items. It would be a rare find indeed. Love your blog and your fine taste.

  2. Beautiful finds. I have never been to the Lincoln fair. Doing Newark is enough to cope with!! Lizzie

  3. Oh my! You have wonderful things! Wish I could purchase a few of your treasures.

  4. Hi Nilly, I have some old terry,s York chocolates prints and a few more. I was hoping you would be able to tell me more about them. They are beautiful, I would be great full if you could get back to me.