Tuesday, 26 July 2011


And in Yorkshire anything and everything is for sale or so it says on the number plate.

Venues are often very beautiful - for instance, here at Ripley.

In the course of our antiques-hunting we often visit racecourses though we have never attended a race meeting.
Once upon a time the boys would saddle up the pony for a trot around the farmyard...
...but we did not venture far and we never raced .
Now Ripon, Thirsk, Wetherby, York, Doncaster and more are regularly on our itinerary.

The early morning queue for York Racecourse car boot sale - it's quicker by balloon !

Here at York Racecourse there is a Car Boot Sale and an Antiques Fair !


Sadly, nice young men rarely run antiques shops these days. We fear they are a dying breed, so we intend to show you some pleasing and intriguing shopfronts from time to time, in the hope that you may have a look inside.

Two antiques centres in York.

Two antiques shops in Boroughbridge.

A bewitching curiosity shop in Ripon. Or is it ? It might be an elaborate children's game - or a Wunderkammer devised for the proprieter's own delight.
We wonder. Click on this link, then the Other Worlds to Visit link and then venture into The Curious Room...



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