Tuesday, 19 July 2011

First stop is Killerton Hall just outside Exeter with its beautiful collection of antique costume

Must avoid Devonshire clotted cream teas...
and go outside into the sunny garden for a brisk walk !

Glorious Devon, where everything is bigger ! 
We can't wait any longer - the seaside calls us.

Before climbing the hill at bed-time in Budleigh, we played a game of "Spot the Booker Prize Winner".
Such fun !
Next day we set off down to breezy Topsham for the Antiques Warehouse and views of the Exe estuary.

Then we sought out some of our kind of whimsy at A La Ronde !

So like our own dear A La Square...
We journeyed on to explore family history at Honiton

A definite likeness.

Next day, my turn...
Ancestral cottages and family reunions.

Auntie Sylv, September 1939 - preparing for what is to come.
Time to head for home - it's so hard to leave Rosehill (please click on this link to read about the best B&B in Devon) - but Shepton Mallett Fleamarket beckons.

 Home at last - let's unpack the booty from our salty sea-chest...

Please keep an eye on nillyram at eBay where you will find some of these antiques
for sale.



  1. Went to Killerton Hall a few years ago and bought a postcard of that fab corset (now on my noticeboard....such a beautiful place.
    Julie x

  2. Oh how lovely. My mum volunteered with the costume collection at Killerton in the '80s and I used to go over every now and then in the holidays for a behind-the-scenes peek. I found the 1980s guidebook just the other day. Needless to say, we also used to visit A la Ronde (which seems to have inspired Shell Cottage in the final Harry Potter film, I felt). So thanks for that lovely tour.

  3. Great site, thanks for sharing. If you ever come across great tiles please let us know thanks, Sandie

  4. Thank you for sharing your stomp around the West Country. You have inspired me to visit some of the places I have wanted to go for years! Think I can just about see myself (!) in one of your Shepton pix! Lizzie