Tuesday, 13 January 2015


I can't quite believe what has happened. Mr N and I were in the same room, within inches of each other and each separately glued to the internet, when an online fight broke out! My dear husband has only just started constructing his own virtual scrapbook of visual memorabilia and information on Pinterest - and this is what started it.


His Pinterest persona goes by the name of Arthur Ventress and he looks rather sweet, doesn't he?

This is me on Pinterest, Nilly Hall - demure and utterly harmless.
George Best started it! I've never liked him very much and when I noticed that Mr N had pinned his photo with the adoring title "Ubercool George Best" I could not resist a  little dig.

He noticed and rose to the challenge (as any man would).
As time went on, the jibes became more vicious..
.. will our relationship stand this?
Then I pinched his teddy bear!



  1. I was killing myself with laughter reading this, it's the funniest thing I've read in ages, I'm so tempted to go there, maybe I'll just have a look at it live so to speak... xx

  2. Ha ha - I never realised Pinterest could be such fun. Hope you kissed and made up.

  3. brilliant....having been in a room with our offspring and other family, to see 4 or 5 of them , heads into phones....communicating with each other via social media rather than face to face...is amusing, and possibly a little disturbing. However...your exchange is just...clearly ...brilliant.

  4. Nilly dare I say it? I do like George Best too. I even went to see him play football when I was about 12. They used to say every woman wants to be with him and every man wants to be him. They didn't count on you though eh?


  5. You two enjoy a great repartee with one another.

  6. What a hoot! I hope you did kiss and make up.

  7. Happy New year to you both ......hope Arthur has his teddy back or was that the one you Sold me at Newark Marilyn Ha ha !! ......if so dont tell hubby as I have given teddy to my Mum for a special pressie x

  8. Perhaps we should call it PinterBEST .......in Arthurs case or is PINTerBEST said in a Yorkshire accent in the pub thinking he won that day? ........just off to follow you both now Ha Ha !!

  9. You had the upper hand there Nilly ... No doubt! Love the "yawn" and "zzzz" xxx
    Julie x

  10. Hilarious, you definitely 'won' the battle! I have resisted pinterest so far, I know I would be hooked!

  11. Excellent! Made me giggle out loud.