Saturday, 12 April 2014


It was my big idea - to show my grandchildren their heritage... here we are again at Bradford's Cartwright Hall, a super gallery that I believe needs its praises to be sung a lot more loudly. The central exhibit in one of three new exhibitions, is the awesome Sikh Fortress Turban or Dastaar Boonga on loan from the British Museum...

...heavily armed with daggers, swords and metal throwing-discs.
Mum seems to like the Sikh textiles.

I'm not so sure about these two!
Please concentrate little B, this might be useful one day.
The hands-on approach is much more fun, for some. 
The Cartwright Hall is full of interesting art from all over the world.

Come on - Nana's should be fun, not swotty!

OK - follow me!
Outside at last.

Mr N is taking arty photos of Sophie Ryder sculptures...
...everybody's happy!
Cartwright Hall Art Gallery is set in beautiful Lister Park with a boating lake, water garden and small cafe - it often hosts interesting exhibitions and events. Also on at the moment is a beautiful exhibition of paintings, drawings and photographs illustrating Dante Gabriel Rossetti's obsession with Janey Morris, William's wife, see here.


  1. Thank you for introducing me to the work of Sophie Ryder and Bradford's Cartwright Hall. Lovely that you took your family. It is never too early to be introduced to art.

  2. Love Sophie Ryder's work. We have a wonderful Hare and Minotaur sitting on a bench in Cheltenham. The Minotaur has his big powerful arm around the timorous hare, but he is so protective of her - it is very appealing.
    Gorgeous little and big grandchildren you have Nilly.

  3. As always, a wonderful post, Nilly - particularly lovely for me as I am from Bradford and have always been incredibly fond (and proud) of Cartwright Hall and Lister Park. I've seen it in sad days and great days and it's looking very good in your post. Sophie Ryder's work used to be a feature of another favourite haunt - the Yorkshire Sculpture Park - love that Hare. You are a gorgeous family. Axxx

  4. Another wonderful post Nilly with glimpses of your lovely family on your day out. Some great images, I especially love the Sophie Ryder's Hare sculptures.

  5. Its such a great place.... love the Sophie Ryder sculptures....lovely post, lovely photos, lovely family. Jx

  6. Yey a lovely glimpse of your very lovely family...
    LOVE the sculpture of the Hare, so very apt...
    wishing you and yours a joyful Easter break, nilly!
    Hugs Maria x