Friday, 3 February 2012

Time to get moving!

Last week the antiques world woke up after the Christmas hiatus and Mr N had to polish up the old jalopy, sharpish. 


Once more we were raring to go! All over the country antiques were being unpacked again - at WetherbyDoncasterLincoln and Newark. They sound like stops on a tedious train journey south, unless you are in the know or is it "in the loop"?

As usual my aim was to sniff out some needlework and some objects full of charm, with a bit of history thrown in.

                        Hmm...Brentford Nylons, circa 1970...not quite my style.

It was a real treat to enter this emporium of all things vintage, mostly textiles, and to meet one of the lovely proprietors, BusyLizzie, AKA The Washerwoman, organiser of Vintage Fairs and tireless gatherer of antique clothing and household decorations, all for sale and attracting much attention here at Newark Showground. 

Smaller pieces & embroideries were quite hard to find this week, but we arrived home from our gallivanting with a modest collection.

I loved the "Mending Day" picture frame, though when I took a closer look, it seemed a little sinister. No time to ponder that now...


  1. Great to meet you at long last! Thank you for you kind comments. Your photos are better than mine! Had to do my pix in a slight rush inbetween customers. Lizzie x

  2. hiya- just came over from Lizzie's blog and glad I did- spent an enjoayble while looking at your lovely posts...and sipping a rather early glass of wine- my only excuse is that I needed something to warm me up!
    Just off now to see your eBay

    1. Thanks so much for visiting - I do keep up with your eBay offerings too!

  3. Hi found your blogg through the washerwoman, oh how I wish we could have some markets like these in Norway!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Just found you through Lizzie. I love that Mending Day picture.

  5. looks wonderful... I wish I had been there! Helen, Darcy and Bingley

  6. I did not find you through Lizzie but through one of your listings on Ebay. Fun blog, I wish I could tag along with you. have a great antique hunting season.

    Best regards from Brooklyn, NY