Saturday, 8 October 2011

                                  So Tired!

A brief snooze was irresistable after racing around five antiques events in eight days. It all started with the Bob Evans Antiques Fair at Peterborough, followed by car-booting in York, treasure-hunting in West Yorkshire, a monumental outing to the Arthur Swallow Antiques & Homes Show at Lincoln and, last but not least, a mammoth effort at the huge IACF International Antique & Collectors Fair at Newark Showground.

At Peterborough the skies were relentlessly blue and we mopped our damp everythings as we pounded round on what felt like the hottest day of the year but...

there was no time for flagging in the never-ending race to find prize items.

A few days later we were driving across another showground, this time at Lincoln, and we were full of antique-hunters' endless optimism - this could be THE day when we found Blackbeard's silver, a lost Leonardo, The Holy Grail, The Ark of The Covenant...

maybe not today...

...though, as usual, a great day was had by all and when we arrived home and unpacked we were able to take a pretty picture of some of our finds.


After a couple of days of rest we arrived at the Newark Showground for the last event in this Antiques Fair marathon, only to be greeted by a grim reminder of the puzzling new taste for "post apocalypse chic".

Oops - we had to dodge the familiar BBC film crew ...

before we could start bargain-hunting ourselves!

Bird-house villages and knitting needle forests were searched minutely before the emptying shelves told us that time was up - for another few days, at least.


    Ah - at last - a peaceful moment to contemplate the results of another       
    Great Antiques Expedition.

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